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Events are key to the work of AskDoc. Please take a look at previous events that we have delivered, and future ones that we plan to undertake!

Upcoming Events

Recent Events

Neeli Mosque, Rochdale. Covid Vaccine Webinar

Guest Webinar: 3 Powerful Techniques to Shed Lockdown Weight

Covid Webinar for the Levenshulme & Gorton Community: Thursday 18th March 2021 8.30-9.30pm

This webinar was attended by 45 people, and was organised in association with the Gorton and Levenshulme neighbourhood of the Local Care Organisation. It was also organised in association with Madinah Masjid, Levenshulme.


Our new AskDoc Student Society delivered their first event on Wednesday 25th November at 6pm, to discuss Organ Donation. The event was well received

Mental Health: Dispelling the Myths. March 2020

Our trustee, Dr Akmal Shakoor, delivered our mental health workshop at Neeli Mosque, Rochdale.The event was helpful in making attendees see mental health in a different way.

University of Manchester GP Society Conference February 2020.

“Askdoc Workshop: The Many Faces of Manchester.”

Askdoc were invited to the annual medical student GP society conference, which aimed to give insight to GP careers. BAME health is an increasingly important area managed in primary care, and the AskDoc team delivered a workshop to highlight this. We are grateful for the invitation by the UoM GP Society and Community Based Medical Education Team at the University of Manchester.

GP or A+E? Make the Right Choice!

This event was organized, to highlight the key differences between GP and the Emergency Department. It was aimed at the local Oldham BAME community, so that they could make more effective decisions as to where to best seek healthcare.

This event was organized with Oldham CCG and the Ghazali Trust, and was an excellent opportunity to dispel myths and challenge established practice.

Cervical Cancer Awareness Roadshow January 2020

  • January 2020 was Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. This is an area that the BAME community need to know about, and there is a lot of stigma surrounding screening.
  • Our volunteers delivered workshops in three locations in Greater Manchester.
  • The workshop in Oldham was delivered by Dr Bushera Choudry, and was organized in association with the Women’s Chai Project.
  • The workshop in Levenshulme was delivered by Dr Hina Siddiqi, and was organized in association with Madinah Mosque, Levenshulme.
  • The workshop in Cheetham Hill was delivered by Dr Musfira Shakeel.
Dr Bushera Choudry presenting at Women’s Chai Project
Dr Hina Siddiqi presenting to ladies at Madina Mosque, Levenshulme
Dr Musfira Shakeel speaking to ladies group in North Manchester
ladies group in North Manchester

Mental Health Workshop, Oldham, December 2019

This event was delivered by our trustee, Dr Akmal Shakoor, in collaboration with Change Your Life Counselling.

Sajid Iqbal, Trained Counsellor, talking to the audience.

Preventing Heart Disease Workshop, Rochdale, September 2019

AskDoc was invited to present a workshop on preventing heart disease at the Castlemere Centre in Rochdale.

Dr Abdul Afzal presenting at workshop

ABMA Academy GP Hot Topics Course, June 2019

Dr Bushera Choudry, Programme Lead, delivered our first training course on BAME Health to GPs. This was around barriers to screening in the BAME community.

Dr Bushera Choudry presenting to GP audience

Oldham Annual Health Awareness Day, May 2019

The AskDoc team were invited to this annual event, offering free health screening to attendees.

Depression Workshop, Women’s Chai Project, March 2019

Trustee, Dr Siema Iqbal, presenting to the Women’s Chai Project ladies in Oldham

Fiqh of Menstruation, January 2019

At this event, we collaborated with MadinaInstitute. GP and AskDoc volunteer, Dr Amna Sadiq, discussed Women’s Health, National Screening Programmes as well as a Q&A. The event was very well received by all who attended!

Breast & Cervical Cancer Workshop, October 2018

AskDoc were invited by Madina Institute, Oldham to deliver a workshop highlighting these important health issues.

Inclusion Health Conference, September 2018

AskDoc were invited to the Inclusion Health Conference in Manchester, organised by the Shared Health Foundation. They delivered a workshop on the BAME health work they had been doing in Greater Manchester

Mental Health Workshop, Oldham, September 2018

Ramadan & Diabetes Workshop, May 2018

AskDoc were invited to a mosque in North Manchester to talk about Diabetes and Diabetes, Medical students, Akmal and Tehmoor, delivered the workshop.

Heart Disease Prevention Workshop, Oldham, March 2018

Hepatitis C Screening, July 2015 and 2016

AskDoc were invited to help support a Hepatitis C Screening weekend, organised by the Hepatitis C Trust and Public Health England North West. 34 volunteers helped with this amazing event.

Medical student volunteers

Diabetes Project, May 2016

AskDoc collaborated on a medical student project, to improve blood sugar levels in South Asian patients with poorly controlled Diabetes. This was in association with Levenshulme and Gorton Locality of Manchester CCG. A session was delivered to the general population at Madina Mosque, Levenshulme. This was then followed by a dedicated session was delivered to raise awareness of strategies to improve Diabetic control for this patient population group. A team of medical student volunteers delivered the dedicated session and the event was a great success.

Medical Student team involved in dedicated Diabetes session. Also featuring a patient who attended (consent obtained to share photo)

Women’s Health Roadshow, April 2016

Ovarian and Breast Cancer Awareness Workshop
Depression Workshop
Dr Shara Kaffaf and medical student Bushera, who helped Dr Siema with Depression workshop
Weight Management Workshop

Heart Disease Workshop, Prestwich, April 2016

Dr Fazel Butt, GP in Bury, presenting to the audience at Bilal Masjid in Prestwich

Dementia Workshop, Victoria Park Mosque, May 2015

Medical student, Saad Javed, presenting on Dementia at Victoria Park Mosque, Rusholme, Manchester

Diabetes Workshop, Madina Mosque, May 2015

Stroke Workshop, Dar Us Salaam Mosque, Longsight, November 2014

Muhammad Anss, medical student, speaking to one of attendees

Heart for Life Event with BHF, Khizra Mosque, August 2013