Amar Doctor Webinars

Amar Doctor is an initiative led by medical students and doctors working together on a health education project focused on improving immigrant Bangladeshi women’s health. It is supported by Health Pioneers & AskDoc.

Amar Doctor has set up a series of virtual workshops via Zoom to educate Bangladeshi women on important topics relevant to women’s health and general health. All sessions are held in Bangla and Q&A is included.  

Historically, immigrant Bangladeshi women are one of the most underserved communities in the UK with the poorest health outcomes. They are also underrepresented in research focussing on health education. Mental health illnesses and domestic violence are also prevalent. As we shift towards telemedicine and the use of more digital platforms, we worry our community will be left behind.

We would like to change this by engaging and empowering Bangladeshi women in taking charge of their health and wellbeing.

Rafia Miah, Founder

Rafia is a final year medical student at the University of Southampton. She is passionate about women’s health, gender-based violence and tackling health inequalities, particularly for the ethnic minority communities. She has a BSc Pharmacology degree from King’s College London and aspires to pursue a career in global health. 

Twitter: @rafia_miah

Dr Syeda Farah Farzana, Contributor

Farah is an Academic junior Doctor, currently working in North West England. She graduated from University of Manchester in 2019 with a MBChB in Medicine and a Masters in Research in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. During her time in University, she was appointed as a widening participation fellow and worked as an ambassador for the Manchester Access programme. She is passionate about women’s health and reducing health inequalities in minority populations by increasing access to healthcare services. She has been working with minority communities for years, by organising and delivering health education workshops. She has held several webinar sessions in Bangla for Amar doctor ranging in a wide range of topics. She wishes these sessions will not only educate Bangladeshi women butwill also help them feel empowered to look after their health.

Twitter: @SFarahFarzana