AskDoc Champions

During covid-19, we have realised the extra barrier that ethnic minority communities have faced, particularly if they don’t clearly understand the virus and how it is spread. In view of this, the team led by Dr Bushera Choudry, started to develop videos in different languages. These covered key messages, and the information evolved as the pandemic developed in the UK. The result has been a comprehensive series of videos produced on our YouTube page AskDoc 1.

Take a look for yourself at our videos in different languages

We have realised that we need a regular group of experts to help spread information in different languages. In view of this, we have now created AskDoc Champions. We are fortunate to have champions in Urdu, Sylheti, Bengali, Punjabi, Arabic, Gujarati and Tamil.

However, we would love to have champions in other languages. Please contact us if you are a medical student or doctor, who fluently speaks another language other than English. Help us break down barriers