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Dr Abdulrahman Elbayouk

On behalf of AskDoc & the AskDoc Student Society, I am sad to report the sudden passing away of our dear brother and AskDoc Trustee, Dr Abdulrahman Elbayouk.Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi ra’jiun.I have known Abdulrahman since teaching him consultation skills in first year of medical school. I remember him mentioning that our first meeting struck a chord with him, as he saw a Muslim educator in medical school for the first time, and I had pronounced his name correctly. He felt that this broke down barriers with the medical school. This was an indication of the strong will and drive Abdulrahman had to make a change, improve the experience of his fellow students, and to fight injustice. Abdulrahman left an indelible mark, at the University of Manchester, in his community and for FOSIS. The outpouring of grief today just shows how powerful a legacy he left behind.I had the pleasure of working closely with Abdulrahman over the past few years. He was our student representative, and then AskDoc Trustee and Volunteers Lead. There was a drive about him, a passion to make a change, but he never forgot the beautiful manners of the Sunnah in his approach. He had a beautiful smile and a warm character. He was always polite, but did not hesitate to make his point clear. I really respected this, as it made working with him very easy Masha Allah.Abdulrahman was the driving force in the long held dream of creating an AskDoc student society at the University of Manchester. His vision was to involve our students in health awareness activities for the local ethnic minority communities, to break down barriers to healthcare and improve the quality of life of others. He had created a student committee with his inspirational leadership, and he was ready to push some exciting projects forward.Abdulrahman was an amazing role model, an inspiring figure and a beautiful brother in Islam. We will all miss his positivity, beautiful manners and passion to make a positive change in the world. Allah (swt) gave him a short time on this Earth, but he took every chance to improve the lives of so many.May Allah (swt) grant him the highest station in Jannah, and give his family peace in this difficult time. May we continue the work that he started, which will serve as ongoing reward for him in the Hereafter.Dr Enam Haque, AskDoc ChairOur AskDoc Trustees and the AskDoc Student Society President have added their further memories of Dr Abdulrahman below:“He was so polite and full of good manners, always smiling no matter what. He always helped with my activism stuff too, so selfless with his time and so humble. He always used to call me Dr Siema, out of respect, and I would repeatedly tell him to drop the dr. He was so generous with his time, which is a rare quality these days. He is a credit to his parents.” Dr Siema Iqbal, AskDoc Trustee & Media Lead“Always smiling, kind and respectful. A very principled man who did so much for others. A credit to his family. He will leave a legacy inspiring so many of us to carry on the good work he committed to.” Dr Bushera Choudry, AskDoc Trustee & Programme Lead“It is difficult to express in words the kind of individual Abdulrahman is. Constantly reminding me of the temporal nature of this world, he would advise to not to delay in working for the service of others and hasten to good. Such a selfless gentleman, we saw that no matter how difficult his current situation may have been, he always made time to help everybody around him and did so with the most beautiful of intentions.He brought a calming presence every where he went and was a man of honour and respect with a deep love, care and affection for anybody who had the good fortune of knowing him. His ability to instill confidence in people around him was unmatched and was from the most trustworthy of people. He achieved in his short life what many have never achieved and it will be impossible to ever replace our beloved brother, Abdulrahman. I pray Allah, forgives him for any of his shortcomings, grants him the highest abode in paradise and grants his family a beautiful patience in this most difficult time. “Dr Akmal Shakoor, AskDoc Trustee & Events Lead“Abdulrahman Elbayouk – a name that will forever be etched in our hearts and minds.No amount of words will be able to do his personality and character justice. Abdulrahman was an inspiring mentor, a Brother, a Doctor and many other things but above all he was a righteous servant of Allah swt. No matter what discussions we found ourselves in, he always managed to remind us of the bigger purpose of life and that all our actions, no matter how big or small, are ultimately for the sake of Allah swt.Abdulrahman was someone I knew since starting University, his contribution to ISoc and FOSIS were incredible. And as time went on, I had the opportunity to get to know him more and work with him on various different projects, in and out of Medical School. It was only over the past couple of months, we finally launched the AskDoc UoM Student Society. This was something he had envisioned for a long time. Our current circumstances with COVID really put a break in all that we had planned, however, Abdulrahman remained passionate and determined, when the team morale wasn’t at its peak, he said “even if we just impact the life of ONE individual, then that’s powerful in itself”.SubhanAllah I can say without a doubt that Abdulrahman impacted the lives of not just one individual but every single person who he interacted and crossed paths with. He always had a smile on his face and whenever he spoke, his words would have people entranced. His deep-rooted passion to make a difference to the lives of those around him was built on a strong foundation, his Akhlaaq and Taqwa was unwavering, and he never forgot the Quran and Sunnah in his approach.Abdulrahman truly was a gem for our Ummah, he was someone who always had words of wisdoms to part in every interaction. In all my interactions I was met with genuineness and sincerity, a Brother in Islam who was happy to share his experiences and advise – just to help and ultimately please Allah swt. His integrity and humility were unparallel to anyone, he truly was an inspiring role model and someone you could count on, no questions asked. His passion and drive to do good was contagious, his ability to instil confidence in those who he addressed was indeed very unique and you found yourself striving to be better.During our last conversation, he spoke through the many different plans and visions he had. He was so excited to bring about change and not let our circumstances get in the way. Therefore, I want to say we as a Student Society will continue to strive and aim to bring Abdulrahman’s dreams and visions to fruition with time in sha Allah.May Allah grant him Jannat Al Firdaus, remove his sins, and grant ease and Sabr for his family. May Allah reward him for his ambitions and intentions as though he completed them with complete Ikhlaas. May Allah make everyone he ever taught or affected in a positive way and their good actions a Sadaqah Jariyah for him. May Allah raise him and keep him in the presence of the Saliheen and the Sidiqeen (may Allah be pleased with all of them and Abdulrahman Elbayouk). Ameen”Maliha Momo, President, AskDoc Student Society“He was someone who had the utmost integrity and humility, and a passion for doing right like no one else I knew. I sensed this from just a few brief encounters. He was one of those truly special people who you might have met only once, but would leave you with a positive impression that would last a lifetime. His beaming warm smile as soon as he saw you made you immediately fell like you were his best friend since childhood, and he was so happy to see you. “Dr Tal Wasty, Former Vice-Chair AskDocStill struggling with words to describe how unbelievable and devastating this news is.Abdulrahman Elbayouk ,one of our trustees at AskDoc, sadly returned to Allah SWT on 24th Oct 2020.Abdulrahman whom I had the privilege of knowing for the last 2 years worked passionately for the community and the ummah. He was a wonderful Dr, a trainee surgeon, had impeccable manners and a beautiful infectious smile.Gone too soon. Packed so much in his 26 years which many people don’t in their much longer lifetimes. Only now we are finding out how many other projects he was involved with besides AskDoc and how many peoples’ lives he touched positively.The tributes pouring in on social media are a true reflection of being wonderfully blessed and being one of those whom Allah SWT loves dearly.May Allah SWT grant you the highest station in Jannah and Sabr e Jameel to your family.This is also a very stark reminder of the brevity of our lives on this earth. No one knows how long we are here for. While here we must strive to ensure we have secured our Akhirah.We will deeply deeply miss you. Abdulrahman Elbayouk.”Zindagi badi honi chahiye lambi nahi”Roughly translates to-You should live a large(big) life not just a long one.Dr Hina Siddiqi, Secretary AskDoc

Dr Abdulrahman Elbayouk with some of the Trustees in 2018

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